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Armando Lulaj born in 1980 in Albania is a writer of plays, texts on risk territory, film author, and producer of conflict images. He has no desire to subject to the context of local belonging—rather, he is orientated toward accentuating the border between economical power, fictional democracy and social disparity in a global context. Exhibitions include the Prague Biennial (2003; 2007), Tirana Biennial (2005), the Albanian Pavilion at the 52nd Venice Biennial (2007), 4th Gothenburg Biennale (2007), and the 6th Berlin Biennial (2010). His recent project NEVER was featured at the 63rd Berlinale International Film Festival in the section Forum Expanded.

With Public Delivery Exhibition Utopian Days, 2014

  • Armando Lulaj, Zhang Huan

Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea

Utopian Days – Freedom was an exhibition at the Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, one of South Korea’s leading art museums, and later was shown at the Nowon Culture and Arts Center, Seoul, South Korea.

Adel Abdessemed
Lida Abdul
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Zhang Huan
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Armando Lulaj
Matt McCormick
Filippo Minelli
Wang Qingsong
Andres Serrano
Manit Sriwanichpoom
Clemens von Wedemeyer
Kacey Wong
Xijing Men
He Yunchang



Never, 2012 (excerpt)
22 min
Courtesy of: DebatikCenter Film Production
Paolo Maria Deanesi Gallery

Exhibited: Never, 2012

Until recently, one could still perceive the traces of a monumental inscription nearby the Albanian city of Berat: in the 1960s, the former dictator had commissioned the sketching of his first name, Enver, onto the surrounding mountains. With each letter measuring 150m in height, the  

6min 38sec

Lulaj talks Never with Public Delivery (2014)

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